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About Us

"We believe in the massive change that blockchain-based and data-driven business models will bring for many industries. For this reason, we are focussing our investments to a rising degree on businesses who perfectly resemble this combination."


Ulrich Schober

Ueber uns Team

Ulrich Schober


Simela Constantinidou

Executive Assistent & Project Manager

The Schober Investment Group is a German investment company with offices in Berlin and Stuttgart and was founded in 2014.
As innovative Venture Capital company, we own an extensive portfolio of crypto currencies and hold shares of blockchain businesses. Due to our very own blockchain business DACONOMY, we have furthermore built a thorough expertise that we can offer other founders willing to use blockchain technology in their business to change the World fundamentally and positively in the sense of society.
The Schober Investment Group team is focussing primarily in more than 6 investment categories.
With our sustaining network in Europe, Asia and in the USA we are fulfilling our investment philosophy by building an attractive and diversified portfolio and supplying know-how and resources for our associated companies.
Through direct investments and fonds we are currently working with more than 30 companies and this number is constantly growing.

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